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Wedding Inspiration

Top 10 Bridal Portraits That You Need To Check Out NOW!

What’s a wedding without a Bridal Portrait? Even though there are several, if not all cameras pointed towards the couple, it’s is absolutely essential to get a bridal portrait either before, or after the wedding ceremonies. Brides to be, get some inspiration from these beautiful, jaw-dropping Bridal Portraits taken by some very talented photographers. The …

Wedding Inspiration

5 On-Screen Bollywood Bridal Looks We Love!

We love bollywood, just like you do. And today we have got for you our favorite filmy brides who stunned us for real. This year these films gave us  major bridal goals and we want you to pick these too and look your gorgeous best. Have a look at these 5 reel bollywood brides and …


5 Celebrity Makeup Artists To Give You Your Best Wedding Look!

Weddings are so much fun but what takes more of our attention is what will be our wedding look. Looking gorgeous ain’t easy, and finding that perfect look can be as important. It’s no lie, that we in India, are majorly inspired by Bollywood, quite much runs in our DNA and which is why we …