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You Said ‘Yes’, WedWise says, ‘GO!’- The First Steps Guide to Wedding Planning

Your better half has proposed you in the most aww-worthy way, you’ve obviously said yes. What next? Is time to start the race? Is it time to panic? Or is it time to go into hiding? Well, calm down. You’re not going to a war (not that Wedding Planning is any less of a hassle). …

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Keep your guests entertained-Time for some fun!

You’ve probably been to a wedding or two where you’ve sat throughout the entire reception twiddling your thumbs. Don’t let your guests go through that. Place some quirky and entertaining stalls in your wedding that keeps your guests busy and feeling cared about all along.   Here are a few ideas to help you get …

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13 Must- Have Pop-Ups in your wedding

A Wedding can be quite boring if one doesn’t have enough things to do it. You donot want your guests to be half asleep till the time your vows are over. A little distraction is all you need. Here a some of our favorite stalls that you must have in you wedding!   Food Stalls …

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Five Funniest Wedding Memes and Clips

Planning a wedding isn’t a joke, however, there are some moments and scenarios where it becomes hard to control your laughter. Here is a compilation of some hilarious wedding memes and clips . The Funny Father of the Bride Dance Although not taken from a wedding, this video meme featuring a WWE Superstar, features a hilarious representation …

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Super Cool Guest Book Ideas for your Wedding

The Concept of Guest Books in Indian Weddings Guest Books are rare to find at Indian weddings. To change this and bring this lovely shenanigan to India, here some beautiful and cool guest book inspirations for your wedding. Drop it like it’s Heart This beautiful concept of little wooden hearts, to be signed by the guests …

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4 Bollywood Movies You Need to Watch before your Wedding Day

Bollywood Films and Indian Weddings For ages, the Indian Wedding has been a muse for filmmakers in Bollywood. There have been great romances and grand weddings in our movies. Hence, wouldn’t it be lovely to have a Bollywood inspired wedding? For this, here is a list 4 Bollywood movies that showed us the best of …

winter wedding ideas
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Winter Wedding Blues- How to take care of the Guests at your Wedding

Fun Winter Wedding Ideas Nowadays, almost all of the weddings are being organized at open and airy farm houses. No matter how beautiful these farm houses are, the chilling winter takes away a part of that beauty. So here are some amazing ideas through which you can provide some warmth to the shivering guests at …

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Wedding Presents- Something Special for that Someone Special (The Handbag Edition)

WedWise brings to you a wonderful series of articles where we curate a list of amazing presents that you can buy for your partner. In this week’s edition, we help you find the perfect handbag that’ll make your wife-to-be smile ear-to-ear. Money can’t buy happiness. But it can surely buy luxurious goodies which when gifted …

wedding invitation
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Awe-Inspiring Wedding Invitation Card Ideas

A Wedding Invitation is the first step towards all the celebrations that follow the wedding announcement. We all know how big a deal it is to get married the Indian way. Nevertheless, it all starts from the moment we hand over the invites to our precious guests. These guests are the ones who make any …

Wedding Inspiration

An Amazing Photobus Journey at Your Wedding

Setting up a photo booth is one of the best guest engagement ideas for any wedding. Not only are they given amazing memorabilia in the form of photographs, it leaves everyone with some ever-lasting memories. Now, since a wedding is symbolic of a beautiful journey, why not have a look at some beautiful photo booth ideas …

Wedding Inspiration

5 Amazing Welcome Board Ideas to Spread Cheer at your Wedding

Welcoming the precious guests at your wedding should be a fun affair. For this, here are some amazing and witty quotes that can be put up at various places of the wedding venue. The Wedding Story Board Move ahead of the simple, ‘Michael Weds Jane’ and go out the extra mile by putting up a …

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Add Some Bling to Your Beach Wedding

If you’re one of the lucky ones having their wedding on a beach setting, here are some awesome blossom accessory inspirations which will surely add some bling to your beach wedding. Shine Brighter than the Sun at your Beach Wedding   Going barefoot has never been cooler, with these blingy naked sandals on your feet, …

Indian Wedding in Goa
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Flamboyant Destination Weddings in India

Destination weddings aren’t new to the Indian Wedding Scene. Nevertheless, they’re not as common as well. These type of weddings are indeed special and perhaps, the most sought after ones, for all the grandeur and magnificence. Hence, here is a list of destinations in India, where you could plan your dream Wedding. Wedding Destinations in …

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Handpicked Outfit Inspirations for an Indian Groom

At an Indian Wedding, the attire adorned by a groom is reminiscent of an ultimate royal outfit. Be it a Sherwani, a tuxedo or a Nehru Jacket, there should be sheer class and elegance in the way that wedding look is carried. So, the only trick is to get the perfect one is to experiment …

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Why Should Girls Have All the Fun!

A wedding day, with pretty blooms, delicate textures & pastel hues, isn’t always the most MASCULINE affair. Do you agree? A Fun Wedding for the Guys! Since a Wedding is all about the bride and the groom, the tastes, styles and the personality of both need to be taken into account to make the wedding celebrations successful. …