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Bollywood Relationships

10 Dialogues from Bollywood Movies that Define Timeless Love

“Pyaar zindagi hai.” Can you recall how many times have you heard this line? Well neither could I. But then, I am 110% sure I’ve heard this in Bollywood plenty of times. No matter how much you hate the cheesy love stories Bollywood showcases, in your hearts of heart you love them. Even you enjoy …

Bollywood Jewellery Relationships Wedding Inspiration

Getting Engaged? Congratulations & We Have A Photoshoot Planned For Your Rings!

Engagement rings are special, enchanting, filled with promises & last for a lifetime! Stories of love & romance have been woven around them from time immemorial in film industries around the globe!  Men keeling on bridges, boats, at the top of towers, in the middle of the street on a rainy day… all in hope …


7 Quotes by Pablo Neruda That Define Love

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair.” Being a literature student, I always found solace in books. Whenever I felt doomed, authors, poets, and storytellers came to my rescue. However, one poet that I always drove inspiration from was Pablo Neruda. His style of weaving simple words together to make one profound sentence was …

being in love
Lifestyle Relationships

How Does It Feel Being In Love

Falling in love is a game of heart. Those three words have such strong impact on us and eventually transform our relationship into something good. Emotions play key role in a person’s life for them to decide what they feel for the other person. With some your relationship goes really well while there are others with …

Marriage Relationships Wedding Inspiration

Ways In Which Marriage Makes Your Life Happier

Marriages as said to be made in heaven but we constantly need to remind ourselves that a happy marriage requires good efforts from both the partners to really make it work. Marriage is a beautiful cocktail of emotions, magic, adjustments and most importantly love. It’s about having each other’s back and being committed to bring out the best …

women's day
Lifestyle Relationships

Be Bold For Change: This Short Fim Has A Message For Every Woman Today

All you lovely ladies out there, first of all let me tell you – you’re one in a million. It’s great to know that internationally we are celebrated every year on International Women’s Day but shouldn’t we be celebrated everyday of our lives?! And we must begin it with our own self. It’s wonderful to …

Lifestyle Relationships

Ideas To Make Your Partner Happy On A Bad Day

We all have those days when nothing seems to happen right and or even make us happy – yes these are the bad days we all experience once in a while. Specially when your partner is having a bad day, it can be hard to find the right ways to make him smile. It’s important to …

Lifestyle Relationships

Ways In Which Forgiveness Can Transform Your Relationship

Relationships are known to survive through two sided efforts, compromises and above all love. Are you one of those people who couldn’t stop gushing at the start of your relationship and are now seeing your relationship not being at the same page? It is your capacity to seek and grant forgiveness, which is essential in a relationship. …

dating trends

6 Silly Dating Trends Which You Should Completely Avoid

We women love everything that trends and why not – its always best to go with something that’s hitting the block, but ladies, you can’t go the same way when it comes to dating. We all love the idea of dating and that’s wonderful but what we must notice is that there are various dating trends which …

being in a relationship

7 Things You Were Not Told About Being In a Relationship

We have all known that being in a relationship makes us a better person – we learn and experience various emotions in life. You try new things with the person you love, and tend to become less afraid of putting yourself into new situations and meting people. But there’s other side to relationships as well – …

Lifestyle Relationships

10 Signs That Show Your Guy Is Crazily In Love With You

We girls always complain that our guy is not as expressive as us when it comes to all the love and emotions. Love is tricky and sometimes it’s not words but other things which can tell us whether the guy is in for real or not. We tend to stay stuck in our own worried thoughts, which bring …

long distance relationship

9 Things To Remember In A Long Distance Relationship

It’s said being in a long distance relationship makes two people become more fond of each other. It’s a beautiful feeling where you know there is someone who is miles away feeling just the way you do. It’s with all the imperfections you develop the special bond with each other. These are the 9 things to remember in a long …

Great Relationship
Relationships Relationships

10 Sweet Little Secrets To A Great Relationship

Being in a relationship is beautiful and we all wish to make it special with our partner. Every relationship goes through it’s ups and downs – and it’s such times which make it a great relationship that lasts long.   Find out the 10 little secrets here:   Praise and appreciate your partner– Acknowledging the efforts your partner …