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Destination Weddings

5 Reasons why you Should get DJ Sidharth to Play at Your Destination Wedding

Destination weddings are like full-fledged carnivals. You have guests coming in from all over the world, no one is in their hometown and sometimes not even their home-country and everyone is the mood to PARTAYY! In that scenario, it is very important to have a versatile and seasoned DJ and entertainment to cover all your …

Destination Weddings

Coolest Daytime Mehndi Function with DJ Sidharth & The Basti Crew

A daytime mehndi function means a riot of colors and fun. No doubts that a good mehndi celebration has to have pretty decor, gorgeous outfits and a lot of swag. While the rest of it is covered, superb entertainment is something you just can’t miss to have at such a celebration. DJ Sidharth and The …

Destination Weddings

Is this Going to be the Most Instagram-Worthy Wedding of the Year?

It is not a hidden fact, we are living in a world filled with fairy-tale weddings. Our instagram feeds have been taken over, pleasantly so, by the gorgeousness of Indian weddings at the most exotic of destinations from all across the world. The question we ask? What is the next level to all this exuberance? …