A proposal is one of the most intimate moments for a couple. Their lives are about to change forever as their individual life journeys fuse into one. It’s the first step towards the commitment for a lifetime so it’s no wonder that this moment has to be more than just your average “special”. Every girl secretly wishes for a proposal from her partner that will make her weak in the knees, which ultimately means that it’s got to be over the top.

We’ve all grown up reading or watching movies based on fairytales like Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. This wonderful man proposed to his high school sweetheart and took things to the next level. He created a customised re-animation of the Sleeping Beauty and took her for the screening in a private theatre! Clearly, she got the biggest shock of her life when she realised that this was definitely not the version of the fairytale that she remembered! We’re sure that her heart must have skipped a beat in the cinema hall as the love of her life proposed to her through this carefully planned surprise in the form of this amazing version of the classic! He made sure that his lovely lady would feel like a Queen on this day that would forever change their lives! And we’re sure they lived happily ever after!

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