This one’s for all the pet lovers out there!

When you’re getting married, you’re surrounded by all your loved ones, including your close friends and family to bring in the wedding cheer. For those  of you who have a furry friend, we don’t need to emphasize on the need to have your doggos part of the festivities! These brides definitely did not want to compromise on having their fur-balls being left out! They also had ultra-cute outfits specially prepared for them! After all, they are part of the family, aren’t they?!

Looking to include your pets at your wedding? Take some inspiration from these awwwwwwww-some clicks! Indeed, some of the most heart-warming pictures we’ve seen!

These puppers didn’t need an outfit, they were already twinning with the bride!

One last hug from this oversized baby!

And then of course, there’s a “Cutie on Duty”!

What a well-dressed handsome boy!

This one’s the bringer of good news!

Doggo found a nice, cosy spot!

Just look at that adorable printed blue outfit!

When your pupper is forever ready with a pose!

Bonus: your furry pal is always the ultimate stress-buster!

Of course, they can’t miss out on the bridal entry!

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