Indian bridal entries are becoming more and more experimental now a day with brides coming in on motorcycles with their sunglasses on and dancing their way to the Mandap.

Traditionally, it is the brothers of the bride walk her down the aisle on her wedding day. It’s the show-stopping moment of the Big Fat Indian Wedding with everyone’s curiosity peaking to get the tiniest glance of the bride as she makes her way to the start of her new life. Yes, we love those Boss-Bride entries, full of energy and sass but this bridal entry took things to a different tangent and it definitely made us tear up in seconds!

This bride grew up with her sisters and so wouldn’t have it any other way on her wedding. Her gorgeous sisters walked her down the aisle on her big day and it is one of the most touching bridal entries we have ever seen!

We are sure you guys will agree with us!

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