Yes, a wedding is one of the most important days for the bride, groom and their families. But let’s not forget the beautiful ladies, who are responsible for the bride’s peace of mind on her wedding day and her Bachelorette Party!

The Bride-squad includes the close friends, sisters and cousins of the bride who help her in any and every way possible, wherever she may require assistance. It may sound like an easy job to do but trust us, its way more work than you would imagine it to be! Don’t forget, these are the women who deal with the “behind the scenes” bit of the wedding. We can safely tweak the phrase “behind every successful man, is a woman” to “behind every calm and happy bride, is her women”! Every wedding is incomplete without a photo shoot of the bridesmaids. So brides, don’t forget to give your girlies the credit that they deserve, whether that’s on your wedding day or on your bachelorette party!

Get some major picture inspiration for your Bride Squad portraits from these shots!

  • The one with the essentials taken care of
  • Colour – coordinated to Perfection!
  • The one with matching dressing gowns
  • Banarasi Sarees with their names embroidered on the clutches
  • Coordinated night suits are never a bad idea!
  • When your bridesmaids don’t have an age bar!
  • Who said your doggo can’t join your squad?
  • When they pave the way for you!

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