In the world of changing trends in the wedding industry, one thing that has remained constant over the years is the need for accentuating the most traditional wedding ceremonies. In 2018, the most significant trend that stood out was ‘Personalisation’.

Keeping up with the trends and the latest fashion, the Vogue Wedding Show 2019 has been the pioneer in celebrating the confluence of couture and the finest wedding trends under one roof and in bringing together thousands of brides, grooms and their families to the 3-day extravaganza in New Delhi.

Owing to the cultural landscape in the country, weddings in India are becoming far more elaborate, experiential and exclusive than any other part of the world. From performances by the top international artists to theatrical bridal entries that look nothing less than a Bollywood magnum opus, the world of weddings is seeing an upward spiral. This reflects the evolution in tastes and increased involvement of the millennial couples, themselves.


My fiancée, Richa is a big fan of nature and flowers. Hence, we are getting a customized Gin infusion with more floral notes for our guests for her Mehndi function“. Said Abhay- A young man getting married to his college sweetheart in December this year. Just like Abhay and Richa, a sizeable number of millennial couples are demanding innovative concepts to be made part of their weddings.


The couples are a lot more involved in decision making when it comes to the particulars of their big day as in how it would look like, what should be the Instagrammable elements, etc and even the Parents are inclined to listen to them a lot more than before.– Arjun Mehra, Chief Business Officer, Conde Nast India

From off-beat destinations, to personalised wedding favours, photo-ops, to immersive food and drink experiences, these Millennial couples have it all figured out. The trends are constantly evolving and changing, more rapidly than ever. Especially the bar service and the liquor industry has now found its place across a variety of wedding functions. Ranging from personalized gifting to elaborate bar set ups, to curated menus, the kind of attention that the bar experience is getting at our Indian Weddings is unmatched.


At the Vogue Wedding Show 2019, a carousel set up curated by the Diageo caught everyone’s attention. The photo-op displayed Diageo’s finest spirits including the likes of Johnnie Walker Gold Label, Talisker, Singleton, Tanqueray, Ketel One and more. This allowed the attendees a sneak peek into possible bar concepts that can make way to their own wedding ceremonies.

The experience zone was like a fine little dreamland for brides and grooms to pick and choose from a variety of brands to suit the right wedding occasion. The Brand Ambassadors present at the Experience Zone were happy to engage and consult with the hundreds of attendees and helped them make an informed decision.


“The whole repertoire of what to drink when is no longer definitive. A single malt as fine as a Talisker that you might assume to be an evening drink is being accepted as a good day drink as well. The millennials are creating their own rules”.

– Shweta Jain, Vice President (Luxury Commercials), Diageo


Keeping in mind the tastes of the new-age couples, the mixologists also created a dedicated menu which had everything from a Destination Wedding Cocktail made with Tanqueray Gin to a Mehndi function special with Ketel One Vodka.

Refreshing cocktails made with fruit and botanicals are great for sundowner weddings, Mehndi or Haldi ceremonies that are usually daytime occasions. The dance sessions that follow are always a big part of any Indian wedding.


The Brand ambassadors helped us curate a mini guide to choose the right scotch at your wedding:


Scotch Guide for every Wedding Occasion

Singleton- Celebrating Singlehood in Style


A great Single Malt whisky well suited for your fun group of friends who live unapologetically. Singleton is perfect for anyone looking to explore the rich realm of Single malts yet prefer something light and citrusy.

This one is highly recommended for your bachelor/bachelorette parties. Serve it neat or get the barkeep to make some exciting cocktails for a fun evening.


Johnnie Walker Aged 18 Years – handcrafted memories


A masterpiece of a whisky, aged for 18 years comes with a rich flavour that makes for a great serve at any wedding.


“Be it the customized Gold Label bottles with pictures of the bride and groom or the Gin-infused popsicles at the Sangeet or Ketel One Kitchen being set up at the functions, there is a lot going on for personalization in the weddings”.

– Shweta Jain, Vice President (Luxury Commercials), Diageo


Johnnie Walker Gold Label 


Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve is always a great brand to experience at a wedding. Most families love the Gold Label. Traditional in temperament and exquisite in taste, it makes for a perfect drink to toast on your Wedding day.


Johnnie Walker Black Label – Always a classic

Everyone loves the Johnnie Walker Black Label. This is one whiskey with which you can never go wrong, especially for one of those functions where you go all out with the guest list.


The Vogue Wedding Show 2019 also showcased a shifting trend towards destination weddings. Not just destination inspired outfits but also an increase in sensibilities in serving the right kind of alcohol at their weddings, the millennial bride and groom are rather curious and more informed than ever before. This whole scenario easily makes us foresee an increased demand for even more exclusive, customized and localized bar concepts tailor-made for destination weddings.


“What we are seeing is a lot of differentiation. Everyone in today’s day and age wants their wedding to be different from others.”

– Arjun Mehra, Chief Business Officer, Conde Nast India

Indian weddings have always been dynamic and are constantly evolving. The millennial couples are not willing to settle for anything less than the best. With the changes reflected in their choices of destinations, set up, outfits, decor and the bar experiences, couples are increasingly opting for themes that tell a story, their story, tied together with a wholesome experience for everyone to remember their most special day with utmost fondness.

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