The data is the witness when we say that Destination Weddings are becoming bigger and better for the Global wedding market in today’s day and age. Especially for the Indian customers, exotic and new locations are proving to be a game-changer because of the novelty and the exclusivity factor. The most up and coming destination? It has to be the intriguing and gorgeous nation of Turkey. Hands down it is the resort city in the West Mediterranean coast of Turkey- Antalya that is will be one of the hottest selling destinations within the nation.

The latest edition of the International MICE & Wedding Forum powered by Inventum Global proved this feat by bringing together the mavens of the Global Weddings and MICE Industry and showcasing what are the possibilities for larger than life events and weddings in this gorgeous and historic nation of Turkey.

Held between 12th and 16th May 2019 at Rixos Premium Belek, the IMWF 2019 had the support of Turkish Airlines which was the main partner for this extra-ordinary event. In a special media presentation, Turkish Airlines also announced their willingness to be a part of the magnanimous destination weddings by the means of their exclusive charter services, unmatched connectivity and availability of customization on top of the top-notch service that the airline offers.

Rixos Premium Belek– one of the finest all-inclusive concept resorts played the perfect host for the participants of the forum as the property opened its doors for wonderful thematic nights, gala dinners and networking sessions with unmatched service and hospitality. The property is well-equipped with all the amenities, luxury spaces and venues to host even the most lavish of the Big Fat Indian Weddings and the few of these have already been successfully organized during the last couple of months.

About IMWF

International MICE & Wedding Forum (IMWF) is organized by Inventum Global, founded under the
partnership of Asil Akar and Bünyat Özpak. The company has unmatched experience in organizing major groups such as domestic and overseas congresses, conferences and Indian weddings. Necip Fuat Ersoy, the Managing Partner, has assumed the managerial responsibility of IMWF.

Necip Fuat Ersoy Addresses the Delegates from the Finest MICE and Wedding Organizations from all around the world at IMWF 2019

A Magnificent Night at the Ancient Theatre of Aspendos

The participants of the IMWF 2019 witnessed nothing short of a spectacle at the Aspendos Antique Theater– one of the best maintained ancient amphitheaters in the world. The structure was opened for a fantastic night of live performances by State Symphony Orchestra and State
Polyphonic Choir preceded by a lavish dinner at the heart of the splendid historical texture of the historical theater walls.

The Gorgeous Dinner Setting at the Aspendos Amphitheater

There was also a special light-mapping show organized on the stage of Ancient Theater of Aspendos and
following the trails of the thousand years past of the ancient theater. The show was the followed by the
performance of more than 200 virtuosos and musicians of the State Symphony Orchestra
and State Polyphonic Choir on the stage  that received a standing ovation after their exhilarating stint.

The Grand Performance on the Aspendos Stage

The novel thematic night further amplified the message of the magnificence that Turkey and particularly Antalya has to offer for the world of luxury weddings.

The Impact of IMWF 2019

With a budget of a whopping 2 Million Euros, there is no doubt that IMWF is the largest event organized by any organization or institution. The forum has definitely added an excellent value to the promotion of Turkey as the world’s favorite destination for MICE and weddings (especially the larger-than-life Indian Weddings). The same can be gauged by the fact that the 4 day forum was attended by CEO Level delegates of some of the world’s biggest agencies, especially from India that shape the future of the world’s wedding sector. The stakeholders now have enough reasons to believe in the possibilities of Turkey becoming the Numero Uno destination for the world’s biggest weddings.

Attendees Engaged in Conversation and Networking at one of the IMWF 2019 Thematic Nights


The Partners for IMWF 2019

IMWF 2019, organized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ministry of
Industry and Technology and the Governorate of Antalya, is realized in cooperation with
IMWF and the Western Mediterranean Development Agency (BAKA) with the support of Mr. Münir Karaloğlu, the Governor of Antalya.

Turkish Airlines was the main partner for the forum of with the Rixos Premium Belek being accommodation sponsor. Foodlink, one of the best banquets and catering companies in India, has been the catering partner for the event, churning out some scrumptious Indian dishes for the attendees of the forum.

From the Grand Closing Ceremony of the IMWF 2019

The 4 days of excellent networking, power knowledge sessions, thematic nights ended with a suave gala dinner with a lot of colors, fireworks and entertainment. The grand dinner was a fitting finale for the world’s best forum for MICE and Weddings.

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