Ace designer Anita Dongre has always been known for her Rajasthani royalty inspired designs that have transformed the face of bridal couture in India. Extending this famed style, she has come up with her latest marvel, a collection called ‘Diary of a Rajkumari’. As the name suggests, Dongre has crafted the good old Rajasthani Princess aura for the modern-day Indian bride by the means of rich, hand-crafted royal silk outfits that borrow heavily from another royal dynasty’s style in the form of the Mughal Motifs. This Rajasthani-Mughal fusion has a marvelous impact on her latest collection, rendering it be something that every bride and bridesmaid would want to own this wedding season.

An ethereal mix of Lehngas, Sarees and hand-crafted jewellery, here is a glimpse of this wonderful collection;


The collection also brings together the beautiful Benarasi Weaves & exotic, handcrafted Jadau jewelry which we believe is going to be a rage this season.

Diary of a Rajkumari- The Story

Just like all of her other collections, the ‘Diary of a Rajkumari’ too has a unique & intriguing storyline attached to it. This time, it is about a Rajkumari and her best friend’s journey through the sandstone corridors of their palace. During which they’re greeted by the pleasant childhood memories. This is a reflection of a modern-day Bride, Bridesmaid and their emotional journey throughout a wedding, creating some unforgettable memories & cherishing the old ones- in which their attires play an eminent role.




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