‘Lower your eyes’, ‘don’t smile to much’, ‘act shy’ and ‘walk slowly’ has been the modus operandi for brides  across generations and wedding seasons! The job of a woman/bride is to look pretty, pose with guests while the groom and his men do car-o-bar! Not anymore they don’t!
A Wedding is the most special time of a person’s life and having fun is the key ingredient to making it the most memorable time. Thus the shy and coy bride needs to be replaced by your true personality, whatever it may be.
Brides across cultures & the globe break boundaries, make their own rules (which is basically to just have fun!) and show us how it’s done! Pouts replace shy smiles, laughter replaces giggles, drunk dancing replaces no drinking and dancing and FUN replaces BORED at your own wedding!

Bottom line honey, girls just wanna have fuuunnn!


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Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story


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