All you lovely ladies out there, first of all let me tell you – you’re one in a million. It’s great to know that internationally we are celebrated every year on International Women’s Day but shouldn’t we be celebrated everyday of our lives?! And we must begin it with our own self. It’s wonderful to be a woman – we are bold, confident, caring and so much full of affection.

In relationships, love is a beautiful emotion, but people often say that there’s no love without tough times – and that’s something what makes it all worthwhile. This short film called “White Shirt” portrays how love can also be about letting go and boldly face life how it comes aftermath.

‘White Shirt’ starring Kritika Kamra & Kunal Kapoor shows the highs and lows of a love relationship in beautiful 20 minutes. It appears that Avik (Kunal Kapoor’s character) had cheated on Vani (played by Kritika Kamra) in their relationship. The couple separates after this incident and is shown dealing with further occurrences.The film gives out a strong message and shows how Vani comes out of her relationship and acts bold enough to take life on her own terms and conditions. She doesn’t really need a man to complete her existence.


Today’s modern woman knows how to knock it off when something doesn’t feel right as she knows she deserves much more. Still there are times when a hard day at work or our relationship problems disturb us and that’s when we begin to start doubting ourselves. This needs to be changed – it’s great to have a wonderful career, a happy relationship and much more in life but not by compromising on who you are and what you believe in.


We all women can take away a lot from this story and learn to stay happy being in who we really are. Embrace yourself as every woman is beautiful in her own way.


Watch the video here: