Relationships are known to survive through two sided efforts, compromises and above all love. Are you one of those people who couldn’t stop gushing at the start of your relationship and are now seeing your relationship not being at the same page? It is your capacity to seek and grant forgiveness, which is essential in a relationship.

Here are six ways forgiveness brings back the love in your relationship.

  1. Empathy before judgement: Taking decisions before even listening to the entire incident is something you should completely avoid doing. It’s always better to listen other half of the story and maybe your partner was right from his point of view. The idea here is to be considerate towards your relationship.

2. Let go: You need to let go of all your disappointments, complaints and the times you felt he didn’t live up to some of your expectations. You can always talk to him about it and clear things out. Don’t save them as weapons for your next fight.



3. Don’t keep score: Each time you begin to think like “Why should I always be the one to…” you’re damaging your relationship.Temporarily winning the arguments sounds nice but don’t let things take a turn which can make you lose the person.


4. Let love guide you: You might have been hurt in the past but you can’t compare your present relationship with the last one. You are with a different person now so stop making yourself feel like a victim in it.  The best part is love and  kindness always comes back to us.


5. Accept your mistakes: Owning up to your mistakes calls for courage and would as well save your relationship. Forgiving someone else is easy, but accepting your own faults to make things better is necessary. It shows that you consider your relationship much more important than your ego.


6. A recheck on positives and negatives: You need to realize that nobody is perfect, and that includes our partner as well. Try to look at the good or the brighter side of the situation instead of focusing on the bad. We often compare our relationship to those of others — be it friends or colleagues. Such approach builds in unnecessary expectations in your mind. Truth is the happiest of couples even go through tough times – it’s not always rosy.

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