You are in love with her and you have finally decided to pop the question, now is the time to get her the stone she deserves! But is that so simple? What if she doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit her? What if it’s not good enough! Here is where WedWise comes in. We bring to you a pool of options to choose the perfect engagement ring for her!

Engagement Ring Ideas- Love Bands

Wedding Bands are simple, fuss-free and you just cannot go wrong with them. Get it made in Gold, Silver or Platinum with a little twist here and there to make it stand out. A sole diamond or initials or maybe your finger prints engraved?

Wedding Ring Idea


Statement Solitaires

Every girl wants to show off her wedding ring and leave everyone in awe. Bringing a Solitaire for your lady is the perfect thing to do. A diamond on your lady is the apt way to mark your territory!

Here are some of our Leading ladies showing you how its done:

Victoria Beckham's Engagement Ring
Jennifer Lopez Engagement Ring.Kim Kardashian Engagement RingShilpa Shetty Engagement Ring


Initial Love

A ring that makes her think about you. Whether it is engraved or totally carved out of Gold, an engagement ring with your initials carved in it is the best way to get closer to her heart. One of our favorites is:

Initial Engraved Engagement RingDelicate Beauties

And if she is a person who appreciates the little details and loves some finesse in things, you can always go for the pretty little rings which will steal her heart anyway.
Delicate Engagement Rings

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