Pre-wedding shoots have now created a niche for them. More people are getting such shoots done, than they ever have. You may be a non-believer of the bandwagon philosophy, but, here is an exclusive list of reasons that’ll convince you about having a pre-wedding shoot for you and your partner.

Bye Bye Hustle and Bustle

Let’s admit it, everything goes haywire at the wedding functions’ venues, therefore, this where you and your partner need a vacation that comes with a beautiful location based pre-wedding shoot. You guys can use this time to create some beautiful memories and impressive pictures, which otherwise would’ve been a bit difficult (keeping in mind the preoccupations during all the wedding arrangements).

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Befriend the Team

Chances are that you’ve already hired a professional wedding photography team. Also, these are probably the guys who’re also going to furnish your pre-wedding shoot. Therefore, it would be amazing if you get to break the ice and interact with the team that is going to capture the best of you and your family, in the form of your wedding day photographs. Not only that, such an exercise would make the photography team familiar with the body language of the bride and the groom.

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Get the Town Talking

Nicely shot pre-wedding pictures, when posted on your facebook/instagram and other social media accounts, would surely create a buzz about your wedding. Of course, since a wedding would be the most special day of your lives, it won’t be much of problem for you to seek attention and get the town talking about your wedding.  

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Create Eternal Memories

When you and your photographer get creative, the result would be magical pictures which you’d cherish for years to come. Of course, the wedding day pictures are special, however, a pre-wedding shoot is something which is done away from all the hustle and bustle of the wedding day preparations. This gives the photographer room and more time for experiment.

It’s Probably Free

Let’s admit it! We Indians love freebies. Your photographer would probably be doing it for free (provided you’ve booked him for the wedding day as well), we don’t see reason for you to decline a freebie. On a serious note, it makes sense from a budgetary point of you that you rope in a photographer who would offer you a package that includes your wedding coverage and a pre-wedding shoot.

Otherwise, you can anytime hire a professional who specializes in pre-wedding shoots. It may turn out be a tad-bit more expensive. It would nevertheless be worth it, when you and your family cherish the amazing pictures that come out.


Written by

Karan Marwah